We recommend the following aftercare for your new tattoo:


  1. Please keep the plastic wrap on the tattoo for 3-4 hours. The wrap helps to keep dirt out of the open wound and allows it to bleed without a scab drying onto the new tattoo.
  2. After 3-4 hours, rinse the tattoo with CLEAN WATER(bottled water) and gently rub the tattoo with clean hands to remove all of the excess residue from your skin.
  3. From this point onward, please leave your tattoo uncovered so the wound may breathe.
  4. Beginning on the second day after receiving your tattoo, use the cream given to you (Bepanthan) and apply a small amount onto the tattoo after you shower, once daily. Continue this procedure for one week.
  5. Under no circumstances should you apply SOAP OR SHAMPOOdirectly onto your tattoo.
  6. DO NOT pick at or scratch the scabs.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.